Mon 06 Nov 2017

Conference: The Global Power of Private Museums

Conference on private museums from 16 to 18 November 2017 at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Forum …


Wed 11 Oct 2017

In the academic year 2017/18 we welcome 24 postdoctoral scholars from 14 countries to Berlin

As fellows they will have the opportunity to work jointly on their projects and to network with colleagues from Germany.


Thu 05 Oct 2017

Irmgard Coninx Prize Fellowship

The Turkish scholar Seda Altuğ was awarded the fellowship, which was announced in the framework of our research program …


Thu 14 Sep 2017

Jews in Muslim Majority Countries – History and Prospects (24-27 Oct 2017, Berlin)

International 4-day conference in the Jewish Museum Berlin that will discuss questions of Jewish culture, identity, and …


Tue 29 Aug 2017

Out now: “Philological Encounters” Volume 2, Issue 3-4

We are happy to announce that issues 3-4, “Formation of the Semitic: Race, Religion and Language in Modern European …


Wed 23 Aug 2017

ERC Starting Grant awarded to EUME Fellow Refqa Abu-Remaileh

Congratulations to Refqa Abu-Remaileh (EUME Fellow 2012/13, 2014-18) who is awarded an ERC Starting Grant.


Wed 19 Jul 2017

Research with scholars at risk

The Forum Transregionale Studien was enabled by the Philipp Schwartz Initiative to award a stipend to a scholar at risk. …


Wed 19 Jul 2017

Workshop “Culture as Politics”

On July 19, 2017, a Prisma Ukraina Workshop on "Culture as Politics" will take place at the Forum Transregionale …


Thu 13 Jul 2017

Open Access

The volume “Commitment and Beyond. Reflections on/of the Political in Arabic Literature since the 1940s”, edited by …


Fri 30 Jun 2017

Symposium: »Imaging a 'Middle East'«

From July 6-7, 2017, an International Symposium on the theme »Imaging a 'Middle East'« will take place at the ICI …


Mon 26 Jun 2017

Writing (in) Exile: A Forum on Literature, Writing and the Experience of Exile

On July 10-11 2017, the Symposium »Writing (in) Exile: A Forum on Literature, Writing and the Experience of Exile« will …


Wed 21 Jun 2017

Voltaire Prize awarded to EUME Fellow Hilal Alkan

Congratulations to Hilal Alkan (EUME Fellow 2016/17) who received the “Voltaire Prize for Tolerance, International …


Mon 29 May 2017

Report on “Negotiating Cultural Heritage: Making, Sustaining, Breaking, Sharing”

Read two reports on our TRAFO blog and listen to the panel discussion that was held at Bode-Museum Berlin on April 24, …


Tue 11 Apr 2017

Negotiating Cultural Heritage: Making, Sustaining, Breaking, Sharing – A Conversation / 24.04.2017 in Berlin

Organisiert von: Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices, Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”, …


Tue 04 Apr 2017

Open Access: Sheldon Pollock “Philologie und Freiheit”

Sheldon Pollock’s Lecture “Philologie und Freiheit” (Philology and Freedom), edited by Matthes & Seitz, is now available …


Mon 20 Feb 2017

Out now: “Philological Encounters” Volume 2

We are happy to announce that volume 2 of “Philological Encounters” has been published.


Thu 26 Jan 2017

New Brochure of the Program “Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices”

The new brochure of the program “Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices. Kunstgeschichte und Ästhetische Praktiken” …


Tue 20 Dec 2016

Whitney Cox “Modes of Philology in Medieval South India”

The first publication of the Zukunftsphilologie series “Philological Encounters Monographs” is out now.


Tue 29 Nov 2016

Roundtable Discussion: December 1, 2016, 17:00, ZK/U Berlin

“Wissensbrücken schlagen: Aktivismus und Forschung für ein alternatives Ernährungssystem”


Wed 23 Nov 2016

Nahrain Al-Mousawi “Death at the Border: Making and Unmaking the Migrating Body”

The fourth essay of our essay series has been published recently.