Respectful Work Environment

Respectful Work Environment

Guidelines and Commitment to a Respectful Work Environment at the Forum Transregionale Studien

Since its foundation, the Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin has been committed to the openness and internationality of research in the humanities and the social sciences and to the cooperation between scholars with different regional and disciplinary perspectives. It provides a space for scholars from different career levels and diverse disciplinary and regional academic cultures to exchange with each other on an equal footing. It offers opportunities and support to researchers to develop and test research ideas and projects.

The Forum’s agenda should not only guide its work, but should also be reflected in its organization, in the composition of its staff, and in its relations with and between its staff members, its academic directors, its Fellows, their families, and visitors.

The Forum is committed to ensuring that all those who work here or are associated with the Forum are assured an atmosphere of trust that is as conducive as possible to their well-being and their needs for respect, acknowledgement and security. This commitment firmly prohibits discrimination, the exploitation of power imbalances, bullying, stalking, sexual harassment and violence – just as it forbids the tolerance of this behavior. The Forum is committed to protecting all of its full-time and part-time employees, its Fellows and their family members, as well as its guests, from discrimination, bullying, stalking, sexual harassment and violence in its work environment. Violations of these principles will be met with repercussions. Misconduct will not be tolerated, trivialized, quietly accepted or ignored.

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