In democracies the people’s will is expressed and limited by law: “Democracy” and “Rule of Law” adress the same issue from different sides. Political dynamics in the countries of the European Union have shifted their intersection in a way that merits discussion and analysis.
re:constitution – Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe aims for a European exchange on constitutional law and values that leads from common words to shared concepts.

re:constitution promotes a European exchange across national and political boundaries amongst practitioners and scholars at the interface of law, politics and administration on constitutional law and its values. The aim is to establish a European network dealing with issues of the European Constitution(s), the tension between pluralist interpretations of democracy and the Rule of Law and cooperation within the European Union, which will contribute to an informed public debate based on facts.

re:constitution is a joint programme of the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien and Democracy Reporting International, funded by Stiftung Mercator. A Collegium of European legal scholars advises and accompanies the programme. The programme’s patron is Prof. Dr. Angelika Nußberger (Academy for European Human Rights Protection, University of Cologne).

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