Thu 14 Sep 2023

Imagining Futures - Dealing with Disparity

The Merian Centre for Advanced Studies in the Maghreb (MECAM) launches its main phase and welcomes its new Fellows in …


Tue 29 Aug 2023

Humanities and Social Sciences in Times of Crises: Back to Provincialism?

Conference of the Forum Transregionale Studien in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and …


Thu 17 Aug 2023

Cats in the Street Art of LBWS CAT UKRAINE: Constructing Cultural Memory in Wartime

By Yuliya Stodolinska on the surge of artistic practices in Ukraine as a response to Russia’s invasion


Wed 09 Aug 2023

Ex-Syrian Prisoners Reunite With Music as Their Balm

Journalist Hannah El-Hitami on a SYRASP Workshop


Asaad Shlash playing his self-made oud
Sat 22 Jul 2023

Philological Encounters, Volume 8, Issue 1

A new issue of the journal »Philological Encounters« has just been published.


Wed 19 Jul 2023

‘Woman, Life, Freedom’: Decoding the Political Poetics of a Woman-led Revolutionary Movement

Fatemeh Shams investigates the origins and the evolution of revolutionary slogans. Read at our TRAFO Blog →


Tue 18 Jul 2023

The Rise of Ukraine’s Sun by Kateryna Zarembo

Dr Kateryna Zarembo presents her new book “The Rise of Ukraine’s Sun” (Схід українського сонця) at the Forum. In …


Mon 03 Jul 2023

Gender Studies in Afghanistan or jender bazi: The Neoliberal University, Knowledge Production and Labour under Military Occupation

By Paniz Musawi Natanzi in our TRAFO Blog series »Gender, Sexuality and Knowledge in Neoliberal and Authoritarian …


Tue 18 Apr 2023

Sindibād in Trap: A Youthful Revolutionary of Hope and Resilience

Sanabel Abdelrahman about the trope of “Sindibād” in contemporary Arabic trap music on our TRAFO Blog


Tue 04 Apr 2023

From a Pilfered Nail to a Stolen Tank: The Role of a Media Event in the Consolidation of the Ukrainian Political Nation

By Mykola Homanyuk and Janush Panchenko in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Tue 14 Mar 2023

Kahramanmaraş Earthquake: How the Syrian Regime is Instrumentalising the Natural Catastrophe

Comment by Elise Daniaud on Syrian politics after the massive earthquake


Tue 28 Feb 2023

After Wisdom. Sapiential Traditions and Ancient Scholarship in Comparative Perspective

The new publication of »Philological Encounters Monographs,« edited by Glenn W. Most and Michael Puett, has recently …


Tue 21 Feb 2023

History Teacher of the People: Volodymyr Zelensky, Vasyl Holoborodko and his Displaced Colleagues

By Viktoria Sereda (Prisma Ukraïna: War, Migration and Memory) in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine


Wed 08 Feb 2023

Prisma Ukraïna Teatime Conversations

A closed series of discussions with guest speakers and Prisma Ukraïna: War, Migration and Memory starts February 2023


Tue 17 Jan 2023

Merging in Space: The Ongoing War and Previous Wars in Ukraine

By Denys Shatalov in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Wed 11 Jan 2023

Out now: Dossier 2-3, Forum Transregionale Studien, in English and Arabic

“The Humanities in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Arab World and Germany / الإنسانيات في القرن الحادي والعشرين …


Tue 10 Jan 2023

War, Migration and Memory: An Introduction

Prisma Ukraïna Senior Fellow Viktoriya Sereda launches “War, Migration and Memory” TRAFO Blog Series.


Mon 09 Jan 2023

Silence and Radical Rethinking in Syrian Theatre of the Long 1980s

By Friederike Pannewick in our TRAFO Blog series »The Literary 1980s in the Middle East and the Maghreb«


Mon 12 Dec 2022

New recording out: »“Have we not yet been defeated?”—On Alaa Abd el-Fattah’s Writings from Egypt’s Revolution and Prison«

Alia Mossallam (EUME Fellow 2017-2023) in conversation with Yassin al-Haj Saleh (Writer / 2019 EUME Fellow) at the EUME …