Academic Events

Academic Events

Transregional Academies

The Transregional Academies serve as extended workspaces over 10 to 12 days and enable doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to discuss their ongoing research from a transregional and multidisciplinary perspective. Unlike conferences the Academies provide a framework of intensive exchange beyond the limits of formal presentations and hierarchies. They are an opportunity for the rigorous exchange of ideas, approaches and experiences and contribute to the formation of learning communities that are distinguished through the active involvement of participants in conceptualizing and ultimately realizing the academic program. “Peer-coaching” is privileged to conventional teaching.

In addition, the Academies are rounded out through a close on-site integration of the partner institutes. Ever since 1996 this model has been developed and tested in numerous Summer and Winter Academies by the Forum Transregionale Studien and its various research programs as well as their predecessors (AKMI Summer Academies and EUME Academies). For many participants the Academies were pivotal steps in advancing and simultaneously promoting their research through international networking that resulted in numerous high profile publications and research projects. Since 2013 the Summer, Winter and Transregional Academies are part of the cooperation between the Forum and the Max Weber Stiftung −  Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland (MWS). Please visit our blog “Transregional Academies” for more information and the documentation of our Transregional Academies.


Workshops serve to identify, test and develop new themes, methods, questions and research projects from a transregional perspective. They are small-scale, short-term and intensely focused events that test the sustainability of research ideas and develop new forms of cooperation with scholars across the globe. They are risk-oriented and concentrate on innovative disciplinary and regional cross-cutting. Workshops are ideal for testing new research questions, fields and projects in an uncomplicated and flexible format.