Di 12 Okt 2021

Das Forum Transregionale Studien begrüßt 61 Fellows aus 25 Ländern

Als Fellows erhalten sie die Möglichkeit, an ihren eigenen Projekten zu arbeiten und sich im Rahmen der …


Do 30 Sep 2021

EUME Berliner Seminar Winter Term 2021/2022

In the Winter Term 2021/2022, the Berliner Seminar will be continued under the theme »Standpoints and Beginnings«.


Mi 29 Sep 2021

The Un/Executed Renaissance: Ukrainian Soviet Modernism and its Legacies

By Bohdan Tokarsky: Essay No. 8 in our Essays of the Forum Transregionale Studien series


Di 28 Sep 2021

New TRAFO Blog Series »Digital Humanities Interface« launched

It is edited by Ninja Steinbach-Hüther (Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography (IFL) and SFB 1199, Leipzig University) …


Do 23 Sep 2021

10 Fellowships im Rahmen der »Akademie im Exil«

Sonderförderung der VolkswagenStiftung für geflohene Wissenschafter:innen aus Afghanistan


Di 21 Sep 2021

The Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary Turkey: Reproduction, Maternity, Sexuality

By Ayşe Dayı and Hilal Alkan in our TRAFO Blog series »New Books«


Di 21 Sep 2021

The African Refugee Equilibrium

By George Njung in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge«


Di 14 Sep 2021

Shadows of Empires: Imperial Legacies and Mythologies in East Central Europe

Prisma Ukraïna’s Transregional Academy is starting in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is organized in cooperation with CAS Centre …


Mo 13 Sep 2021

EUME-Fellows 2021/22

Das Forschungsprogramm Europa im Nahen Osten – Der Nahe Osten in Europa (EUME) begrüßt seinen neuen Fellowjahrgang …


Mi 08 Sep 2021

Palestine Potash Limited: Industrial Development in Mandatory Palestine and the Infrastructure of Zionism

New article by Mona Bieling in our TRAFO Blog series »Infrastructures and Society in (Post-)Ottoman Geographies«


Mo 30 Aug 2021

Spaces of Participation: Dynamics of Social and Political Change in the Arab World

Randa Aboubakr, Ulrike Freitag, and Sarah Jurkiewicz introducing their new book on our TRAFO Blog


Mi 25 Aug 2021
Mo 12 Jul 2021

The Strange Case of Portugal’s Returnees

By Christoph Kalter (Universitetet i Agder) in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge«


Still from Portuguese Returnees from Angola (1975).
Mo 28 Jun 2021

Material Determinations and Workers’ Identity: An Analysis of an Argentinian Steelworks

By Mariana Stoler in our TRAFO Blog series »Factory Reloaded«


Fig. 1: Establecimientos Metalúrgicos Santa Rosa airview, La Matanza, Argentina, 1960. Source: Cóndor Steelcable Brochure, ©Establecimientos Metalúrgicos Santa Rosa.
Do 24 Jun 2021

Cultivating Flowers and Loyal Subjects: A Case Study of the Işkodra Municipal Garden

By Berin Gölönü in our TRAFO Blog series »Infrastructures and Society in (Post-)Ottoman Geographies


Do 27 Mai 2021

The Political Redefinition of Memory: The Problem of Studying History in Contemporary Iraq

By Haidar Lashkry in our TRAFO Blog series »The Humanities in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Arab World and …


Haidar Lashkry. Drawing by Hama Hashim.
Mi 26 Mai 2021

From the Niger to the Nile

By Madina Thiam in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge« curated by Marcia Schenck (Universität Potsdam)


Di 18 Mai 2021

Nationalism on the Shop Floor: The Silahtarağa Electric Power Plant in the Early 1920s

By Nurçin İleri in our TRAFO Blog series »Factory Reloaded«


A general plan of Silahtarağa factory complex with existing units (in white) and additionally planned units to be built after 1921.