Mon 04 Jul 2022

“A New Form of Evil Emerges Now” – A Conversation with Olha Honchar

Interview by Natasha Klimenko in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine #artandculture


Tue 28 Jun 2022

Women Forgotten in the History of the Trade Union Movement: The Figure of Chérifa Messaadi

by Arbia Selmi in the MECAM Series’ #IdentitiesandBeliefs thread


Tue 07 Jun 2022

The UGTT: A ‘Counter-Power’ in Contentious Times – Notes from the Field

New Thread #IdentitiesandBeliefs of the MECAM Series starts with an article by Alyssa Miller and Arbia Selmi


Tue 17 May 2022

Prisma Ukraïna Fellows 2022

From April to July 2022, Kateryna Demerza, Vadym Ilin, Ihor Lantukh and Svitlana Pidoprygora are Fellows of the research …


Thu 12 May 2022

The End of Unity: How the Russian Orthodox Church Lost Ukraine

By Regina Elsner in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine


Tue 03 May 2022

“I live in Ukraine, and Ukraine has been in trouble since 2014”

Interview in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine with the artist Sasha Kurmaz conducted by Natasha Klimenko


Mon 02 May 2022

Contextualizing and Conceptualizing Debates about Academic Freedom in Europe

By Anna L. Ahlers in our TRAFO Blog series »Academic Freedom«


Wed 06 Apr 2022

Chomsky Is No Friend of the Syrian Revolution

By Yassin al-Haj Saleh on our TRAFO Blog, first published by New Lines Magazine, 15 March 2022


Tue 05 Apr 2022

New TRAFO Blog Series »Envisioning Work: The Visual Cultures of Labor«

curated by EUME Fellows Hala Auji and Nurçin İleri, and launched with a call for contributions.


Figure 1. This image belongs to a series of photographs taken during the construction of electric infrastructure in Istanbul, ca. 1912–1913. Installation of the cable unwinding from the electric reel to the duct, 13 August 1912. From the private collection of Cengiz Özkarabekir.
Mon 04 Apr 2022

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grants for Scholars, Journalists and Artists at Risk from Afghanistan

The Academy in Exile is pleased to announce that The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant to support Academy …


Thu 31 Mar 2022

EUME Berliner Seminar Summer Term 2022

In the Summer Term 2022, the Berliner Seminar will be continued under the theme »Standpoints and Beginnings II«.


Mon 21 Mar 2022

Launch of #DossierUkraine on our TRAFO Blog

#DossierUkraine takes the Russian war in Ukraine as a starting point for inquiries into politics, culture, and society …


Thu 17 Mar 2022

ERC Consolidator Grant “Beyond Restitution” at the Forum Transregionale Studien

Anthropologist Banu Karaca will join the Forum with a ERC Consolidator Grant. Another ERC grant was awarded to Islam …


Wed 16 Mar 2022

Читаємо для України / LesenfürdieUkraine / ReadingforUkraine

Jeden Mittwoch um 18:00 Uhr lesen wir für die Ukraine, für uns und für Sie, ukrainische Literatur in deutscher …


Tue 01 Mar 2022

Website Launch EUTIM

The joint project “Europäische Zeiten/European Times” (EUTIM) of the Universities of Frankurt/Oder and Potsdam as well …


Wed 23 Feb 2022

Welche Bedeutung hat Putins Rede? Ein Gespräch mit Andrii Portnov

Im Gespräch mit RBB Kultur betont der Historiker Andrii Portnov, dass die Geschichte sowohl Russlands als auch der …


Mon 21 Feb 2022

Polen und Ukraine: Verflochtene Geschichte, geteilte Erinnerung in Europa

Soeben ist mit Andrii Portnovs »Polen und Ukraine« der neunte Band unserer Essayreihe erschienen


Thu 17 Feb 2022

Coming to Terms with Marginal Art(ists) in Morocco

By Farouk El Maarouf in the new MECAM Series #Aesthetics & Cultural Practice


Paintings thrown on the ground amidst other diverse consumables at Souk Smara (Sale), 9 August 2020. Photo by author.
Wed 12 Jan 2022

Reconciling Care Work with an Academic Career at the Neoliberal University

By Alena Sander in the TRAFO Blog series »Gender, Sexuality, and Knowledge Production in Current Neoliberal and …


Mon 20 Dec 2021

Ottoman Roads to the Present: Infrastructure Development in Southeast Europe

By Florian Riedler and Nenad Stefanov in our TRAFO Blog series »Infrastructures and Society in (Post-)Ottoman …