EUME Lecture
Tue 15 Jul 2014 | 14:00–16:00

The Arab Revolutions and the Defeat of 1967: After Disillusionment

Samer Frangie (AUB Beirut / EUME Fellow 20113/14), Chair: Cilja Harders (FU Berlin / EUME)

Freie Universität Berlin | Centre for Middle Eastern & North African Politics | Room B | Ihnestr. 21 | 14195 Berlin

For more information, please see the flyer of the event.

The current disappointment with the Arab revolutions has revived an old trope in the intellectual history of the Arab world, that of the defeat of 1967. The talk will present some of the debates surrounding the revival of this trope, examining the resonances between these two moments as an entry point for discussing the historiography of Arab political thought.

Samer Frangie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Studies and Public Administration at the American University of Beirut, specializing in social theory and Arab political thought. 

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