Dayeh, Islam (ed.)

Philological Encounters: Inaugural Volume

Philological Encounters is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the historical and philosophical critique of philology. The journal encourages critical and comparative perspectives that integrate textual scholarship and the study of language from across the world. Alongside four issues a year, monographs and/ or collected volumes will occasionally be published as supplements to the journal in the series Philological Encounters Monographs. Neither confined to any discipline nor bound by any geographical or temporal limits, Philological Encounters takes as its point of departure the growing concern with the global significance of philology and the potential of historically conscious and politically critical philology to challenge exclusivist notions of the self and the canon.
Philological Encounters is a publication of the research programZukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship.

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Read Islam Dayeh’s “Introduction” to the journal on the Trafo blog.

Volume 1, Issue 1-4 includes the following articles:

Philological Encounters welcomes innovative and critical contributions in the form of articles as well as review articles of usually two to three related books, preferably from different disciplines. It is open to contributions from all disciplines studying the history of textual practices, hermeneutics, philology, philological controversies, or the global history of writing, archiving, tradition-making and publishing. An overview of all issues and a more detailed overview of the submission process can be found on the journal's webpage.

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