Mo 10 Okt 2022

Das Forum ist Mitglied im neu gegründeten Verein Berlin Research 50 (BR50)

Der in 2020 gegründete Verbund Berlin Research 50 (BR50) hat sich Anfang Oktober zu einem Verein zusammengeschlossen, in …


Teilnehmende und Gäste der BR50-Vereinsgründungsversammlung am 4. Oktober 2022 am WZB.| Foto: Lasse Monske, WZB
Mi 05 Okt 2022

Zwei neue Ukraine-Projekte am Forum Transregionale Studien

„Krieg, Migration und Erinnerung“ ist das Thema einer Forscher:innengruppe, die unter der Leitung der ukrainischen …


Mi 05 Okt 2022

PRISMA UKRAÏNA Fellows 2022/23

The research program Prisma Ukraïna: War, Migration and Memory welcomes its Fellows of 2022/2023.


Fr 30 Sep 2022

EUME Berliner Seminar Winter Term 2022/2023

In the Winter Term 2022/2023, the Berliner Seminar will be continued under the theme »Disruptions«.


Do 29 Sep 2022

Ukrainian Comics and War in Ukraine

By Svitlana Pidoprygora (Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University) in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine


Di 27 Sep 2022

Normalization of Violence Against Women in Iran

By Nassim Mehran on the death of Mahsa Amini and the ongoing oppression of women in Iran on our TRAFO Blog


Graffiti of the main motto of the ongoing protests: ‘Women, Life, Freedom’. Source: Twitter
Mi 21 Sep 2022

EUME Fellows 2022/23

The research program Europe in the Middle East — The Middle East in Europe (EUME) welcomes its Fellows of 2022/2023.


Mo 19 Sep 2022

Distance & Convergence: re:constituting Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe

First re:constitution Alumni and Network Conference was a great success


Mi 14 Sep 2022

Web Scraping and Digital Archives: A Program for the Retrieval of the Transcripts of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia

New contribution to the TRAFO series »The Digital Humanities Interface« by Katarina Ristić and Nikola Ristić


Mo 12 Sep 2022

Time out of Joint. Literary (Re)Visions of Time in Eastern and Central Europe

EUTIM Annual Conference, 17–19 September 2022, Hybrid event


Do 21 Jul 2022
Di 05 Jul 2022

Special Issue: Internationale Politik “Standhalten!”

Special issue on Europe’s fight on the rule of law with contributions by re:constitution Fellows, alumni and partners


Mo 04 Jul 2022

“A New Form of Evil Emerges Now” – A Conversation with Olha Honchar

Interview by Natasha Klimenko in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine #artandculture


Di 28 Jun 2022

Women Forgotten in the History of the Trade Union Movement: The Figure of Chérifa Messaadi

by Arbia Selmi in the MECAM Series’ #IdentitiesandBeliefs thread


Di 07 Jun 2022

The UGTT: A ‘Counter-Power’ in Contentious Times – Notes from the Field

New Thread #IdentitiesandBeliefs of the MECAM Series starts with an article by Alyssa Miller and Arbia Selmi


Di 17 Mai 2022

Prisma Ukraïna Fellows 2022

Kateryna Demerza, Vadym Ilin, Ihor Lantukh und Svitlana Pidoprygora sind von April bis Juli 2022 Fellows des …


Do 12 Mai 2022

The End of Unity: How the Russian Orthodox Church Lost Ukraine

By Regina Elsner in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine


Di 03 Mai 2022

“I live in Ukraine, and Ukraine has been in trouble since 2014”

Interview in our TRAFO Blog series #DossierUkraine with the artist Sasha Kurmaz conducted by Natasha Klimenko


Mo 02 Mai 2022

Contextualizing and Conceptualizing Debates about Academic Freedom in Europe

By Anna L. Ahlers in our TRAFO Blog series »Academic Freedom«