Mo 12 Jul 2021

The Strange Case of Portugal’s Returnees

By Christoph Kalter (Universitetet i Agder) in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge«


Still from Portuguese Returnees from Angola (1975).
Mo 28 Jun 2021

Material Determinations and Workers’ Identity: An Analysis of an Argentinian Steelworks

By Mariana Stoler in our TRAFO Blog series »Factory Reloaded«


Fig. 1: Establecimientos Metalúrgicos Santa Rosa airview, La Matanza, Argentina, 1960. Source: Cóndor Steelcable Brochure, ©Establecimientos Metalúrgicos Santa Rosa.
Do 24 Jun 2021

Cultivating Flowers and Loyal Subjects: A Case Study of the Işkodra Municipal Garden

By Berin Gölönü in our TRAFO Blog series »Infrastructures and Society in (Post-)Ottoman Geographies


Do 27 Mai 2021

The Political Redefinition of Memory: The Problem of Studying History in Contemporary Iraq

By Haidar Lashkry in our TRAFO Blog series »The Humanities in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Arab World and …


Haidar Lashkry. Drawing by Hama Hashim.
Mi 26 Mai 2021

From the Niger to the Nile

By Madina Thiam in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge« curated by Marcia Schenck (Universität Potsdam)


Di 18 Mai 2021

Nationalism on the Shop Floor: The Silahtarağa Electric Power Plant in the Early 1920s

By Nurçin İleri in our TRAFO Blog series »Factory Reloaded«


A general plan of Silahtarağa factory complex with existing units (in white) and additionally planned units to be built after 1921.
Di 11 Mai 2021

Re-shaping the “Socialist Factory” in Egypt in the Late 1960s–1970s

By Malak Labib in the TRAFO Blog series »Factory Reloaded«


Di 11 Mai 2021

Passing as a Refugee

By Keren Weitzberg in our TRAFO Blog series “Histories of Refuge”


Di 27 Apr 2021

Ungleichzeitigkeiten in Europa: Forschungskolleg »Europäische Zeiten / European Times«

Zum 01.04.2021 startet mit »Europäische Zeiten/European Times – A Transregional Approach to the Societies of Central and …


Mo 26 Apr 2021

Africa’s Forgotten Refugee Convention

First article in our TRAFO Blog series »Histories of Refuge« by Marcia C. Schenck (University of Potsdam)


The High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadruddin Aga Khan (right) and OAU Secretary General Mr. Diallo Telli at the signing of the OAU Convention on 13 June 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland. © UNHCR
Fr 23 Apr 2021

EUME-Fellow Iman Mersal gewinnt renommierten Sheikh-Zayed-Buchpreis

Mit ihrem Buch »Fi Athar Enayat Al Zayyat« (Auf den Spuren Enayat Al-Zayyats) gewinnt die ägyptische Schriftstellerin, …


Di 20 Apr 2021

Neue Fellows nehmen ihre Forschung im Programm 4A Laboratory auf

Melis Taner und Judith Elisabeth Weiss haben als neue Fellows im Forschungsprogramm 4A Laboratory ihre Projektarbeit …


Mo 12 Apr 2021

The National Frame: Art and State Violence in Turkey and Germany

Read on our TRAFO Blog: Banu Karaca introduces her new book


Banu Karaca, The National Frame: Art and State Violence in Turkey and Germany (New York: Fordham University Press, 2021).
Mo 05 Apr 2021

Keeping the Distance: Why Europeans Find it so Difficult to Learn from East Asia

By Marina Rudyak, Maximilian Mayer and Marius Meinhof in our TRAFO Blog thread #DossierCorona


Illustration of people wearing face masks in the crowd. Source: women-s-rights-and-covid-19
Di 30 Mär 2021

Refugees in African History

An interview with Marcia Schenck (University of Potsdam) on her new H-Net cross-network project “Refugees in African …


Mo 29 Mär 2021

EUME Berliner Seminar Summer Term 2021

In the Summer Term 2021, the Berliner Seminar will be continued under the theme »Universals and Fragments II«.


Mo 15 Mär 2021
Mo 08 Feb 2021

2021 NEA Literature Translation Fellowship awarded to EUME Fellow Mona Kareem

Congratulations to Mona Kareem (EUME Fellow 2018/19) for winning a 2021 National Endowment for the Arts Literature …