Fellow Talk
Do 02 Mär 2023 | 15:00–16:00

The EU as Union of Values: Reactive and Proactive Approaches

Fellow Talk by Matteo Bonelli (Maastricht University), chaired by Oliver Garner (Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law)

In the past decade, the EU has been confronted with growing threats to the founding values of the integration project. The institutions reacted to those challenges by using existing mechanisms and creating new procedures that seek to bolster the available toolkit. The results, however, have been mostly disappointing. More recently, the Commission is seeking to complement those reactive strategies with proactive ones, in particular in the context of the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP). It has proposed several initiatives with the ambition to strengthen the ‘resilience’ of European and national democracies. The project explores both reactive and proactive strategies against the background of the transformation of the EU from an economic organization in a (true) ‘Union of Values’. First, the project concentrates on the reactive strategies, and focuses on the conclusion of a monograph that assesses the EU efforts in the last decade, proposes new strategies, and reflects on how the current crises may paradoxically be contributing to the Union’s constitutionalisation process. In the second part, the project maps the developments around the EDAP and reflects on the main questions surrounding it, including those on the competence and legitimacy of the EU to become a true ‘democratic legislator’.

Matteo Bonelli is assistant professor of European Union law at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University (the Netherlands). There he is a member of the Maastricht Centre for European Law and a researcher in the UM Globalisation and Law Network. Matteo studied law in Turin, Antwerp and Maastricht and completed his PhD research at Maastricht University in 2019. His main research interests are in the area of EU constitutional law and EU fundamental rights, and he has published in particular on the EU's tool to tackle constitutional backsliding in the Member States, effective judicial protection in EU law, national identity, and judicial dialogue in the EU. He is a member of the editorial board of European Constitutional Law Review

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