Di 19 Jun 2018

»Transatlantic Slavery and the European Hinterland«

Felix Brahm und Eve Rosenhaft stellen ihren Sammelband »Slavery Hinterland: Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680–1850« auf unserem TRAFO-Blog vor.

»The cover of this book displays a sketch of the Wupper Valley in Germany around 1800. Only at second glance, however, does the viewer notice people at work in this idyllic landscape, absorbed in the task of bleaching linen.

Although a modern viewer is unlikely to be aware of its significance, to contemporaries their work might have hinted at the Wupper Valley’s transregional economic entanglements – for linen was a global commodity of its time, with a strong share in Atlantic trade and not least in the slave trade.«

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Bild: Buchcover

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