Mi 22 Nov 2017

Neu auf TRAFO: »Messing with the Mess we are in«

Ein Kommentar von Thomas Dollmaier zur Transregionalen Akademie »Redistribution and the Law in an Antagonistic World«, die vom 21. bis 30. August 2017 in Berlin stattfand:

»German legal scholarship has a reputation for being quite orthodox. Amid doctrinal sophistication and positivist assumptions, however, lie hidden treasure islands of heterodoxy.

One such island was the Transregional Academy on ‘Redistribution and the Law in an Antagonistic World’, organized by the Forum Transregionale Studien and a steering committee of legal academics based in the US, UK and Germany. The Academy explored different ways in which law shapes and regulates our globalized world. If we all agree that despite growing prosperity around the globe, there is a significant number of people from Bangalore to Berlin, and from Bogotá to Beijing, that feels disenfranchised, marginalized, and numb: What has the law to do with growing inequalities in the face of enormous capital accumulation? What’s the strategic leverage of having a privilege instead of a right? Is there power in ignorance? One thing can be said for sure: it’s become quite messy in the (legal and political) world out there.«

Lesen Sie hier weiter.

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