Do 03 Sep 2015

Conference: Globalizing Classics

The Classics have become increasingly global in their scope, and this in two senses. On the one hand, “the Classics” have expanded to include canonical texts and artefacts of non-Western culture. On the other hand, Classics as an academic discipline has established itself in the educational institutions of many non-Western cultures. In this conference, we invite scholars from several disciplines and cultures to reflect on the globalization of Classics in both of these senses: as an expansion of the scope of the Classics as object of study beyond Greece and Rome, and the globalization of the academic study of Graeco-Roman antiquity itself.

The Globalizing Classics Conference was part of the KOSMOS Summer University of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

In this context we also published two interviews, one with Anthony Grafton and Constanze Güthenke (21 August 2015) and the other with Jaś Elsner (20 July 2015) on our Trafo blog, who are vital part of the KOSMOS Summer University.

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