Yurchuk, Yuliya

Historians in Times of Trouble: New History-Writing Projects in Ukraine after 2014

This talk was held on 19 June 2018 in the framework of the Prisma Ukraïna Workshop “When the Muses are not Silent: Intellectuals’ and Artists’ Responses to the Ukraine-Russia Conflict and post-Maidan Developments in Ukraine”.

In the face of Russia’s references to history to justify and legitimize the annexation of Crimea and the support of pro-Russian “separatists” in the east of Ukraine, some Ukrainian historians started their own initiatives in response to Russian information activities. Those historians act either in the framework of state initiatives, realized by the Ministry of Information and the Institute of National Remembrance, or on an individual basis and even in opposition to state policies. The presentation will focus on the Likbez project which brought together historians of the Institute of History of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.



Yuliya Yurchuk is Prisma Ukraïna Visiting Fellow 2018 and a post-doctoral researcher at Södertörn University. She defended her doctoral dissertation “Reordering of Meaningful Worlds: Memory of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Post-Soviet Ukraine” at Stockholm University in 2015. Her ongoing research deals with memory and religion in Ukraine and with historians’ responses to Ukraine-Russia conflict and is funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation. She specializes in memory studies, nationalism in East European countries, and post-colonial studies.

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