Yvonne Albers, Ines Braune, Christian Junge, Felix Lang and Friederike Pannewick

Arabistik: Eine literatur- und kulturwissenschaftliche Einführung

The upheavals in the Arab world since the beginning of the Arab Spring call for changes in research and teaching in Arabic studies. This introduction advocates opening up the subject to cultural and social science issues and focuses on modernity and the present (19th – 21st centuries). The volume presents the most important forms of artistic expression: literature, theater, art, music and film. A separate chapter is devoted to the analysis of these art forms as social and cultural practices. Another part is devoted to various concepts such as gender, post-colonial identity and space. In addition, the volume conveys interdisciplinary methods such as conducting interviews, field research and emphasizes the problematization of one's own scientific (power) position for research and teaching practice in contemporary Arabic studies.

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