Ashour, Radwa

Al-Ḥadatha al-mumkina (The Possible Modernity): ash-Shidyaq wa-'s-Saq ʻala 's-saq: ar-riwaya al-ula fi 'l-adab al-ʻarabi al-ḥadith

The author analyses in her book the novel As-Sāq ʻalā 'l-sāq: Fī mā huwa al-fāryāq (The Leg on the Leg: What’s the Difference?) by Aḥmad Fāris ash-Shidyāq, which is believed to be the first Arabic contemporary literature novel, and was released in 1855.

The book looks into why ash-Shidyāq's book was a literary success, and why it dropped out of the memory of Arabic literature, while Ashour sees the ash-Shidyāq's book as the richest and most powerful in Arabic literature of the 19th century.

This publication emerged in context of three lectures held in the EUME framework.


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