Thu 30 Sep 2021

Constitutionalism and Covid-19: Broadening the Lens


The years 2020-21 have been shaped by the spread of Covid-19, which has affected and continues to affect countries and people all over the world. Imposing border controls, banning travel, closing schools, disrupting supply chains and severely limiting freedom of movement are just some of the measures that governments and supranational bodies have adopted in order to prevent the pandemic from spreading further and overwhelming health systems. This workshop aims to deepen the analysis of the constitutional significance of the Covid-19 pandemic by extending and/or modifying the lens through which its effects have been conceptualized, documented and evaluated across Europe.

To that end, it zooms in on both the actors and processes that surround but still inform our constitutional imagination: has the pandemic exacerbated or rather contained the wave of populism that is consolidating in Europe? How were the judiciary and parliamentary channels disrupted, impacted and discussed during these times of exception? How are we to evaluate the role of private actors? How did the relationship of domestic apex courts and supranational courts evolve during the crisis? How was the call for European solidarity addressed? How does limiting access to information during a crisis affect the citizens’ right to hold governments accountable?

The workshop is organised by two re:constitution alumni, Neus Vidal Martí and Alain Zysset.

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