Fellow Talk
Di 21 Mai 2024 | 16:00–17:00

Green for Whom? Analyzing the European Green Deal & Sustainable Finance through a Wide-Angle Lens

Fellow Talk by Claire Debucquois (Fund for Scientific Research) | Chair: Daniela Dobre (University of Granada, Department of Constitutional Law) | Discussant: Katalin Sulyok (ELTE University)

Green finance pledges abound. They are politically considered a cornerstone of a low-carbon future. Yet for every announcement of net-zero commitment, there is a press report revealing how ostensibly green funds sustain the fossil fuel industry or damage biodiversity and livelihoods across the globe. Claire’s project, then, studies how current climate regulation (especially the European Green Deal) directs financial resources towards activities deemed sustainable, according to which criteria, and with which distributive effects. This requires clarifying how legal regimes shape green finance and energy value chains, and co-constitute value through regulatory structures. The project homes in on cases of green bonds fueling mineral extraction and land use conversion in Latin America. It examines the relevant legal provisions and institutional arrangements, with particular attention to the epistemic and normative power at play in the design and implementation of climate policy, both within and beyond EU borders. By de-centering the European perspective, the project illuminates the promise and pitfalls of EU green finance regulation. The research seeks to help advance both the scholarly and the public conversations on the topic, with the aim of fostering a more just ecological transition.

Claire Debucquois  is a postdoctoral fellow with the Belgian fund for scientific research (FRS-FNRS). She studied law, philosophy, and economics, specializing in development economics, and comparative and international law. Her dissertation, completed at Columbia Law School, analyses contemporary land transactions in Brazil, situating them within the country’s legal history and political economy of land ownership.

The Fellow Talk will be chaired by Daniela Dobre, and Katalin Sulyok will be the discussant.

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