EUME Berliner Seminar
Mi 26 Jan 2022 | 17:00–18:30

Goddess and Weapons

Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh (EUME Fellow 2021-22), Chair: Michael Allan (University of Oregon / EUME Fellow 2011/12 & 2017-18)

“Goddess and Weapons” (working title) is a film essay by Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh that oscillates between Berlin and Ras al ayn/Serekaniyeh in different times (1912-2022) and looks at the circulation of capital in arms and antiquity markets by observing how they have been impacting, shaping and transforming the landscapes of these cities. It follows the traces of war and the circulation of violence inscribed in the looted objects of Tell Halaf. Allegorically the Goddess of Tell Halaf as the main protagonist guides us to track how the new global order perpetuates wars, moves objects, borders, heritages and gods. Composed of photographs, excerpts and collages of books and museum catalogs, objects and found footages, the project unfolds in two parts – I.Goddess, II.Weapons – and engages with the imperial grammar of archives, western cultural reproduction, examining the ways it could be reimagined, relearned and rehearsed. 


Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh is a lens-based artist. She received her MA in Photography Studies and Practice from Folkwang University of the Arts. She works at the intersection of urban research and collaborative artistic research. Her recent project Momentography of a Failure builds up a multidisciplinary artistic and urban research platform that calls for practicing forms of participatory citizenship through collaborative thinking, digital mapping, and artistic reflections. She is the editor of the art book series Momentography of a Failure, and has recently published the co-edited volume Momentography of a Failure [Addis Ababa] with Archive books (2021). Currently she is co-editing Momentography of a Failure [Global], which deals with shifts of labor towards platform economy.
She is a recipient of an award from Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the education prize 2019 for Momentography of a Failure from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fotografie. Her works have been exhibited in the context of various exhibitions: “Ghosts, traces, echos: works in shifts”, Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne, 2020 | “Momentography of a Failure [Addis Ababa]”, Fotoraum Cologne, 2020 | “Eye-land”, wannseeFORUM, Berlin, 2019 | “Ex_Changing Perceptions – Art for Change“, Quergalerie, Berlin, 2018 | “React.Neueheimat”, Zeche Zollverein Essen, Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, Husemannplatz Bochum, Depot Dortmund, 2018 | “Anwesend” and “Stop over”, Folkwang Museum, Essen, 2017 | “Invitation to Waltz”, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, 2014 | “Morning, Moon Night”, Sarv Gallery, Tabriz, 2013 | “Iraninan Contemporary Photography”, Ahwaz Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahwaz, 2013. From April 2021 to June 2022, she is a EUME Fellow.

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Depending on approval by the speakers, the Berliner Seminar will be recorded. All audio recordings of the Berliner Seminar are available via SoundCloud.

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