Fellow Talk
Di 28 Mai 2024 | 16:00–17:00

Can the workers speak both collectively and democratically? Rethinking union democracy in light of the critique of representation

Fellow Talk by Sixtine van Outryve (Fund for Scientific Research) | Chair: Marietta van der Tol (University of Oxford) | Discussant: Matteo Bozzon

Contemporary democracies are in crisis and representative democracy as the sole mode of exercising power is increasingly questioned. Around the globe, democratic innovations offer various participatory propositions to involve citizens in political deliberation and decision-making. But the critique of representation extends beyond the institutional political system. To be perceived as legitimate, other political and social vehicles therefore need to be screened under the lens of the critique of representation. Among these, unions constitute a crucial counter-power in our democracies, one that must also be democratic. Combining normative theory and empirical research, this research seeks to explore how unions, as a vehicle for workers to collectively express their voice, benefit from democratic innovations, with the aim of both increasing their legitimacy and strengthening democratic life at large.

Sixtine van Outryve is a PhD researcher in legal and political theory at the UCLouvain in Belgium. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the theory and practice of communalist direct democracy, more specifically on social movements struggling for self-government in France and North America. She has also graduated from two bachelor degrees in Law and in Philosophy at UCLouvain, from a Master in International and European Law at KULeuven in Belgium, and from a Master of Laws at Yale Law School.

The Fellow Talk will be chaired by  Marietta van der Tol, and  Matteo Bozzon  will be the discussant.

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