Di 27 Mär 2018

»New Books« auf TRAFO: African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe

Annalisa Butticci, Assistant Professor für Sozialanthropologie an der Universität Utrecht und ehemalige Art Histories-Fellowin (2015/16), stellt ihr neues Buch »African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe: The Politics of Presence in the Twenty-First Century« auf unserem TRAFO-Blog vor.

»[...[ this book provides an anthropological analysis of the politics of the aesthetics of real presence in a very peculiar contact zone: Italy, a country where Roman Catholicism deeply and pervasively shapes the aesthetics and politics of the sacred. The book reveals how Pentecostals and Catholics mediate “real presence” through strikingly similar practices, objects, substances, and even images, and in so doing produce aesthetic clashes and religious short circuits. Italy is indeed a contact zone where African Pentecostals and Roman Catholicism coexist in a highly asymmetrical relation of power. Yet, African Pentecostals are challenging the aesthetic hegemony of Catholicism and are claiming their own power and authority to generate and govern supernatural presences in a Catholic land. As this book shows, they do it in a very peculiar way and through the aesthetics and materiality of “real” presence.«

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Photo: Pentecostal Bishop, Italy. ©Andrew Esiebo.

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