Mo 14 Mai 2018

Neu auf TRAFO: The Making and Unmaking of the Moments: From the 1979 Revolution to the Arab Spring

Der zweite Beitrag für die neue Reihe »The ‘1979 Moment’ in the Middle East« kommt von Behrooz Moazami und ist nun auf unserem TRAFO-Blog zu lesen.

»The 1979 revolution in Iran is often identified as a pivotal moment in the Islamization of political and social movements in the Middle East, representing the forceful return of politicized religion. Yet this moment, because of how it was conceived and its inherent sectarian nature, bred oppression and resistance; it sowed the seeds of its own destruction.

I argue that, despite their failures, the Arab Spring and the opposition to Islamic rule in Iran since 1979 represent the kernels of the unraveling of this Islamic moment. Religious discourse in its illiberal form is in retreat in the region. Historical moments are made and unmade through long and complex national, regional, and global processes. Every moment holds the ingredient of its own transformation if not destruction. Studies of moments are studies of change.«

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Bild: Iranian students at the US embassy in Tehran, 4.11.1979. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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