İleri, Nurçin

The Intersecting Paths of Eveline T. Scott and Traugott Fuchs: How Do Private Collections Speak to Us?

This chapter focuses on two collections, both of which are stored at the Boğziçi University Archives and Documentation Center. The collections centre around the stories of two individuals: Eveline Thomson Scott (1889–1976), an Istanbul-born English woman who lived in Istanbul for more than seventy years, and Traugott Fuchs (1906–1997), who left Nazi Germany in 1934 and came to Istanbul, where he spent the rest of his life. By expanding on the potential of these two collections, I argue that a transdisciplinary collaboration between historians, archivists, filmmakers or artists could produce more critical and creative narratives that connect the mundane with the political, the home with the nation, and the personal with the collective.

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