Vollandt, Ronny

Some Historiographical Remarks on Medieval and Early-Modern Scholarship of Biblical Versions in Arabic: A Status Quo

“In this article I trace the modern study of biblical versions to its Medieval and Early-Modern predecessors. My approach to this genre is largely historiographical, presenting the means by which comparative medieval scholarship around Arabic translations of the scriptures—Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike—was continued in Early-Modern times in the form of printings and eventually became absorbed by the practitioners of biblical textual criticism, as part of the larger historiography of biblical versions. After the early, influential works of Ignazio Guidi and Georg Graf, however, scholarship stagnated in the 20th century, a situation that is beginning to change in recent years.” (R. Vollandt)

See the article here.

Ronny Vollandt was a Zukunftsphilologie Fellow in 2012-2013.

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