Poland and Ukraine – Entangled Histories, Asymmetric Memories

Online Roundtable Discussion with Susanne K. Frank, Elżbieta Kwiecińska, Andrii Portnov and Tatiana Zhurzhenko, moderated by Rory Finnin.

This event will take place virtually via ZOOM.
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Online discussion with Susanne K. Frank (Humboldt University Berlin), Elżbieta Kwiecińska (European University Institute Florence), Andrii Portnov (PRISMA UKRAЇNA – Research Network Eastern Europe; European University Viadrina) and Tatiana Zhurzhenko (University of Vienna). The virtual roundtable discussion, chaired by Rory Finnin (Dept. of Slavonic Studies, Cambridge University), will present Andrii Portnov’s study “Poland and Ukraine – Entangled Histories, Asymmetric Memories” to a wider public, which has been recently published in the Essay series of the Forum Transregionale Studien.

Poland and Ukraine share entangled territories, populations and histories – from the early modern Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita to the Second World War up to the post-Soviet period. National identity narratives in both countries often refer to the same historical places and events; however, quite often, they are remembered in diverging and even contradictory manners. Andrii Portnov's recently published essay on Polish-Ukrainian historical and contemporary entanglements raises fundamental questions about European memory politics and its limitations regarding the diversity of European heritage and its manifold representations; plural societies; experiences of violence informed by new and old conflicts; the persistent drawing of demarcation lines between the European East and West, Schengen countries and the rest of Europe; conditions for peaceful coexistence in the context of the geopolitical conflict between Russia and “the West”; effects of economic and political reorganization, including the rise of authoritarian political tendencies.

The event will take place virtually via ZOOM. In order to receive the login details, please register at prisma(at)trafo-berlin.de.

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