Transregionale Akademie »Mobility: Objects, Materials, Concepts, Actors«

Do 21 Sep 2017

With a focus on Latin America, the Transregional Academy »Mobility: Objects, Materials, Concepts, Actors« questions artistic interrelations within Latin America as well as those with other parts of the planet. It combines the study of transregional mobility and movement with a critical, methodological reflection.

The Academy is convened by Lena Bader, Thomas Kirchner (both DFK, Paris), Hannah Baader and Gerhard Wolf (both KHI, Florenz/Max-Planck-Institut/Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices, Berlin). It is chaired by a group of scholars that includes the conveners as well as Gabriela Siracusano and Diana Wechsler (both UNTREF, Buenos Aires), Jens Baumgarten (Unifesp, São Paulo), Thierry Dufrêne (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) and Anne Lafont (Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris, INHA).

Please find more information here and on the Transregional Academies Blog.

Image credits: Polychromy of Our Lady of Copacabana, (c) Siracusano, Maier and Tomasini