Mon 15 Jun 2020

TRAFO Working Paper Series Launched

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Our new TRAFO Working Paper series was launched with a first re:constitution issue by Stoyan Panov entitled “To Derogate (and Notify), or Not to Derogate (and Not to Notify), that is the Question!” Stoyan Panov is a re:constitution Fellow of the Forum in 2019-20. In his paper, he examines the legal challenges that States face in times of emergency, with emphasis on Bulgaria.

Working Papers are an open access format of the Forum Transregionale Studien that share analysis and ideas on recent problems and developments at a preliminary stage. Working Papers are informed by the ongoing research and experience of the author and aim to promote debate and commentary. They may be developed into articles, book chapters or reviews at a later stage.

The Working Papers of the Forum and its programs are published in a draft form and may receive language editing. They are conceived in a modular form and appear as series of the different research programs at the Forum or of projects of members and partners of the Forum. Working Papers are published as digital brochures easily available via the open access platform

Please finde the first issue here.

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