Krimsti, Feras and John-Paul Ghobrial (eds.)

The Past and its Possibilities in Nahḍa Scholarship

Philological Encounters

Celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the death of Jirmānūs Farḥāt, on 20 May 1934 in Aleppo (before the unveiling of the statute). Photograph published in al-Shahbāʾ 9, no. 1, 2, 3 (1934), after p. 24. Digital image courtesy of La Bibliothèque Spirtuelle d’Alep.

The journal Philological Encounters (PHEN) is dedicated to a historical and philosophical critique of philology and promotes critical and comparative perspectives with the aim of integrating textual scholarship and the study of language from across the world.

Philological Encounters welcomes innovative and critical contributions in the form of articles as well as review articles of usually two to three related books, preferably from different disciplines. It is open to contributions from all disciplines studying the history of textual practices, hermeneutics, philology, philological controversies, or the global history of writing, archiving, tradition-making and publishing. An overview of previous issues and a more detailed overview of the submission process can be found on the journal's webpage.

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