Fr 30 Jan 2015
Forum Transregionale Studien Wallotstr. 14, 14193 Berlin
Explorativer Workshop

Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative

Organized by: Forum Transregionale Studien, Max Weber Stiftung – Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Insitute im Ausland

Convened by: Andrii Portnov (Long-term Fellow Forum Transregionale Studien)

The “Euromaidan”, Russian annexation of Crimea and the ongoing war in Donbas placed Ukraine, its relations with Russia, its internal divisions and identifications in the centre of the world’s attention. In the international academic and media discourse Ukraine is often portrayed as just a battlefield or an apple of discord between the “Russian world” and the “West”. Such description that deprives Ukraine of its historical subjectivity and current agency is very much based on a poor level of Ukrainian and broadly, East European, studies.

One aim of the workshop is to critically reflect on the current state of Ukrainian Studies in their broadest sense. The second goal of the workshop is to think about ways to create an institutional platform for the inclusive Ukrainian and East European studies which could serve as a space for research in a broad interdisciplinary and global context, and as a structure for international exchange. This Initiative strives to locate the regional problems in the framework of international academia and to intensify international intellectual communication.