Programs and Initiatives


The Forum Transregionale Studien initiates and carries out research programs that connect systematic and region-specific questions from a transregional perspectives. In the framework of its programs the Forum grants research fellowships to postdoctoral scholars lasting one academic year and provides them organizational support. The Fellows work in a stimulating research environment provided by cooperating universities and research institutions. The fellowships offer researchers the opportunity to work on their own projects. Integration in research programs stimulates the creation of productive interdisciplinary working groups.

The Forum supports and organizes events of different formats in the framework of its programs and endorses the publication and documentation of work results in different languages.

Current and past programs:

Academy in Exile (since 2017)
Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices. Kunstgeschichte und Ästhetische Praktiken (since 2013)
Europa im Nahen Osten – der Nahe Osten in Europa (since 2011)
Rechtskulturen (2010-2014)
Prisma Ukraïna – Research Network Eastern Europe (since 2016)
Zukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship (since 2010)
Global Prayers: Erlösung und Befreiung in der Stadt (2010-2013)


The Forum Transregionale Studien offers researchers explorative instruments, institutional freedom and international scholarly networks to probe and generate new transregional approaches. Scholars, who have developed promising research ideas in Explorative Workshops and/or Academies, are invited to develop scholarly initiatives in cooperation with the Forum. Initiatives can have different forms such as the form of a research program with international fellows. An initiative that emerged from a workshop was the

Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative (2015-2016).