Open Access Mission:

The Forum Transregionale Studien supports the worldwide open access initiative. Open access means that scholarly works and results are made accessible on the internet for the public without any cost. Users are to be able to read, copy, distribute, search, and print withouth limitations and financial, legal or technical barriers. Copyrights of the authors are not affected, since users are obliged to cite the authors.

The Forum is dedicated to the principle of equal and free access to the results of scientific research for all people. Open access publications reach a high level of general access and availability. It is proven that they are read more often than publications with restricted access. In that way, scholars are being noticed more distinctly.

In terms of our open access publications we cooperate with the online platform The Forum garantuess the authenticity, integrity and clear citation of publications that are filed with perspectivia. At the same time,  worldwide access, availability and longterm storage are ensured.