Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship

Zukunftsphilologie supports research in marginalized and undocumented textual practices and literary cultures with the aim of integrating texts and scholarly traditions from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as well as from Europe itself, by way of a critical recuperation of the practice of philology. The program takes as its point of departure the increasingly growing concern with the global significance of philology and its potential to challenge exclusivist notions of the self and the canon. More

World Philologies Seminar 2016

Our World Philologies Seminars will be continued in the Summer Term 2016: We are looking forward to welcoming Yasir Suleiman (“Language Ideology: Arabic, the Arabs and Language Anxiety”), Daniel Boyarin (“The Concept of Cultural Translation in American Religious Studies”), Elad Lapidot ("On Logopolitics. 'After their tongues, after their nations'") and Piers Kelly ("Why some scripts fail and others succeed”). You will find the program here

"Philological Encounters" has been published!

We are happy to announce that Philological Encounters has been published with Brill! Zukunftsphilologie's peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to the historical and philosophical critique of philology. It encourages critical and comparative perspectives that integrate textual scholarship and the study of language from across the world. Individuals are eligible for free access via "Brill Online". More information on the journal and the authors of the inaugural volume is available here.