The interdisciplinary research network Prisma Ukraïna—Research Network Eastern Europe goes back to the initiative of long-term Fellow of the Forum Transregionale Studien Dr. Andrii Portnov. It involves numerous institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg and continues, under the direction of Dr. Andrii Portnov, the work of the Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative (BBUI) that was founded in 2015. Ukraine figures as both the central research object and a “prism” opening up transregional perspectives.

Translated literally, “Ukraine” means “borderland”. It epitomizes the eventfulness and entanglement of local history/-ies in their Russian, Polish, Austrian-Hungarian and Soviet variations. Ukraine presents a context in which the sometimes tense negotiations conditioned by imperial ambitions, cultural hybridity and aspirations to national homogeneity can be studied. In this, it is a fruitful field for interdisciplinary analyses that integrate historical, social and cultural approaches. In addition, our research network strives to enable transregional perspectives by transferring insights to other regions in Eastern and Western Europe as well as other regions around the globe, thus questioning and broadening the understanding of current concepts and developments.

Since October 2016 Prisma Ukraïna—Research Network Eastern Europe has been funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. It continues the BBUI’s lectures series and fellowship program – the latter with financial support from the Kurt and Marga Möllgaard-Foundation. Further workshops and events are currently in planning.

More information will follow soon.

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