Exploratory Workshops

Explorative Workshops

2018-19 (submission deadline: 9 March 2018)
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Alix Winter

Explorative Workshops serve to identify, test and develop new themes, methods, questions and research projects from a transregional perspective. They are small-scale, short-term and intensely focused events that test the sustainability of research ideas and develop new forms of cooperation with scholars across the globe. They are risk-oriented and concentrate on innovative disciplinary and regional cross-cutting. Explorative Workshops are ideal for testing new research questions, fields and projects in an uncomplicated and flexible format. 

Upcoming and Past Workshops

11-12 January 2018 | Berlin
Acoustic Histories/Historiographies in the Asia Pacific

13-14 December 2017 | Berlin
The Axis Powers and Decolonisation. Debating perspectives, differences, and entanglements of the end of empire in Germany, Italy, and Japan

26-27 June 2017 | Berlin
Mediterranean Perspectives in School History Teaching

13-14 January 2017 | Berlin
New Migration Patterns in the Western Hemisphere: Challenges for the New Century

1-3 December 2016 | Berlin
Envisioning the Future of Food Across North-South Divides: Transregional Food Networks and Movements

6-7 October 2016 | Berlin
All you can do with Catalogs: Accessing, Organizing, Disseminating local and global Knowledge, (15th-19th Centuries)

5–7 November 2015 | Berlin
The Battles for International Law in the Decolonization Era, 1955-1975

7–8 June 2015 | Frankfurt/Main
Reimers Konferenzen Revisited

30 January 2015 | Berlin
Ukraine and Eastern Europe from Transregional Perspectives

5 October 2014 | Dakar
Exploratory Workshop for an International Centre for Advanced Studies in Africa

18 June 2014 | Göttingen
Informal and Everyday Markets: Modern Histories of Indian Business and Entrepreneurship since the Nineteenth Century