Prof. Dr. Friederike Pannewick

Prof. Dr. Friederike Pannewick

Friederike Pannewick has been Professor of Arabic Studies at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) at Philips University Marburg since 2007. From 2001 to 2011, she led the projects Cultural Mobility in Near Eastern Literature and Travelling Traditions—Comparative Perspectives on Near Eastern Literatures of the working group “Modernity and Islam” (AKMI) at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. She was Associate Professor of Arabic Studies at the University of Oslo from 2005 to 2007 and she is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Orient Institute Beirut (Institute of the Max Weber Stiftung) and the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Since October 2012, she has been a member of the Forum‘s Board of Directors.

Selected Publications


Commitment and Beyond. Locating the Political in Arabic Literature since the 1940s. (2014, in Vorbereitung, mit Georges Khalil)

ArabAmericas. Literary Entanglements of the American Hemisphere and the Arab World, Frankfurt am Main/Madrid: Ibero-Americana, 2006. (mit Ottmar Ette)

Martyrdom and Literature. Death and Meaningful Suffering in Europe and the Middle East from Antiquity to Modernity, Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2004.


“Subversion und Satire. Antworten arabischer Künstler auf Diktatur und Revolution”, in: Die Kunst, Kulturen zu verstehen, in: Christoph auf der Horst (Hg.), Düsseldorf: Univ. Press.

“Introduction”, in: Conflicting Narratives. War, trauma and memory in Iraqi culture, Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2012.

“Dancing Letters: The art of Subversion in Sinān Antūn's Novel “I‘jām””, in: Conflicting Narratives, 2012, 65-74.

“Performativity and Mobility. Middle Eastern Performative Traditions on the Move”, in: Stephen Greenblatt (ed.), Cultural Mobility. A Manifesto, Cambridge: University Press, 2009, 215-249.